Warren Buffett sees housing recovery to start within a year

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Warren Buffett Sees Housing Recovery This Year Posted by Jay Gulick on Saturday, February 26, 2011 at 6:27 PM By Jay Gulick / February 26, 2011 Comment The Sage of Omaha believes our best days are still ahead of us, and that includes a nationwide housing recovery.

Warren Buffett loves See's candy, here's why it's so successful Warren Buffett: Stocks Will Go ‘Far Higher’ Over Time. Right now, he very much favors equities over bonds, warning some investors could lose a lot of money in long-term fixed-income assets when interest rates eventually start to rise. In a live appearance on CNBC’s Squawk Box Monday morning, Buffett told Becky Quick, "You’ll see (stock) numbers a lot higher than this in your lifetime.".

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Boring is sometimes better Let’s start by taking a look at USG. Now, I am a fan of USG: I think that the company is a great play on the housing recovery. Foolish summary Warren Buffett’s smaller.

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Warren Buffett: 2011 Looks Bright. Buffett predicted that a housing recovery will "probably begin within a year or so," but hedged his bets, writing, "In any event, it is certain to occur at.

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After declaring that he was "dead wrong" about a housing recovery occurring last year, billionaire investor Warren Buffett said that if it were practical, he’d buy up "millions" of single family homes. During an interview with CNBC, Buffett said that if held for the long-term at low interest rates, houses could be a better asset to hold than stocks.