Tech bubble vs. Housing bubble

The Tech Bubble and the Housing Bubble. In the past two decades, we’ve experienced two gigantic asset bubbles – first in tech stocks, then in housing. Both were driven by unbridled financial engineering. Garbage initial public offerings (IPOs) like or Webvan.

A recent article on Coin Desk illustrates some differences between the dotcom bubble (as representative of tech bubbles more broadly) and the housing bubble (as an illustration of a debt bubble.

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It is true that the housing bubble caused more damage because it was a debt bubble vs. an equity bubble, and that caused a bigger financial problem because banks and shadow banks were more financially exposed to the equity losses of the housing bubble (equity based upon debt x 10).

The Tech Bubble of 2017 Could Be About to Burst. Home News The Tech Bubble of 2017 Could. There’s a dangerous phenomenon of a tech bubble in 2017 vs. a housing bubble. Apart from tech stocks having reached insanely high valuations-amid even more insane expectations-house prices. The Tech Bubble and the Housing Bubble.

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The tech bubble was spurred on by the stock market mania where the public participated. This tech mania is being spurred on by elite private capital. The first housing bubble was accessible to the masses. This housing bubble is available to Wall Street investors, uber-wealthy foreigners, and outlier households with big incomes. The San.

The housing crash killed retail spending, which collapsed 8 percent from 2007 to 2009, one of the largest two-year drops in recorded American history. 2 The bursting of the tech bubble, on the.

55 thoughts on " Why This Tech Bubble is Worse Than the Tech Bubble of 2000 – Part 2 " Hmm, I guess it’s not that clear cut. I should have used a better term for write offs, this seems like strong evidence that people looking to learn about write offs is on an uptrend.

The trend in the Bay Area and a few other cities where the market is being driven by high valuations of tech stocks counters what’s happening around the country, which is far from being in a bubble.

Obama scorecard shows home equity highest since 3Q 2008 NeighborWorks America ranks No. 3 on Top-100 list obama scorecard shows home equity highest since 3Q 2008 The scorecard – which is compiled by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Obama administration and Treasury – noted that home equity rose 7.1 billion in the first quarter of 2012, the highest level reached since the second quarter of 2010.. Sales of previously owned homes also grew 9.6% in May from year ago levels while new home sales reached their highest.

This is ridiculous. Of course homeownership rates have fallen sharply since the peak of the housing bubble. Homeownership.

The tech bubble was followed by the housing bubble, which has been topped by the Palin bubble. Bubbles will always be with us, because irrational exuberance always will be. Its symptom is the.