REITs gain traction

REITs deserve a place in every well-balanced portfolio. REITs offer above-average yields, provide the potential for capital growth and – unlike a direct investment in your own rental property.

Real estate crowdfunding is still the new kid on the block in the commercial real estate capital world. But the sector is quickly gaining street cred. Crowdfunding platforms have logged some impressive growth numbers in the past four years and the industry is poised for more expansion ahead as it continues to pursue a widening [.]

The PRS REIT (PRSR) started to gain traction in the six months to December 2018, with the successful deployment of 900m to create a portfolio of newly built rental homes.The business model differs from other residential landlords in that the focus is on building and renting out family homes as opposed to apartments.

Buying Real Estate for only $100: REITs vs Rental Property Get Collosal Income From the Top 3 Monthly Dividend Stocks – With a distribution yield of nearly 8%, Inovalis REIT is probably the best-kept secret on the. but as time goes on and the.

This has been the biggest enticement for the REIT stocks to gain traction in the recent past amid global uncertainties, both in the money and commodities markets. Though REITs have taken a beating of.

REIT dividends can be taxed at different rates because they can be allocated to ordinary income, capital gains and return of capital. The maximum capital gains tax rate of 20 percent applies generally to the sale of REIT stock.

Multifamily starts and vacancy rates indicate strong market In Housing, a Supply Problem of Epic Proportion Today the feds announced their new affordable housing strategy which bundles together previous announcements to build another 100,000 affordable housing units, repair 300,000 existing ones, and try to reduce housing need amongst other promises. It also commits $4 billion to rent subsidies to support some 300,000 low income earners starting in 2020 (so I guess those low income earners first.