More Than Half of 2006 Vintage Now Underwater, Zillow Says

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Titanic The Artifact Exhibition Orlando | Artifacts Found From The Bottom Of The Atlantic Ocean! Las Vegas had the highest rate of underwater mortgages in the fourth quarter at 20.9 percent, Zillow said. Chicago was second at 20.5 percent. San Jose, Calif., had the lowest rate at 2.8 percent.

More Than Half of 2006 Vintage Now Underwater, Zillow Says More Than Half of 2006 Vintage Now Underwater, Zillow Says 7.6 million borrowers underwater on Mortgages: study paul jackson is the former publisher and CEO at HousingWire.Last updated on April 11th, 2018 .

Many buyers will be ‘underwater,’ owing more than what their homes are worth U.S. home values are poised to drop by more than $1.7 trillion this year. Rising foreclosures and the expiration of homebuyer tax credits are the chief reasons behind the decline, Zillow Inc., a closely held provider of home price data said.

since the average U.S. home lost more than a quarter of its value when the market crashed, Zillow says, sending millions of homeowners spiraling into negative equity – in other words, their homes’.

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Zillow reported that nearly 15% of U.S. existing home sales during the last 12 months involved foreclosed homes. That trend will almost surely continue. In Stockton, Calif., 2006 buyers now owe a.

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This means there are now 1.8 million homeowners who owe more on their mortgages than their homes are worth, marking the first time that population has fallen below 2 million since 2006. markets and.

Zillow just reported that their data shows nearly 16 million homes in this country are now in a negative equity position where the house is worth less than the mortgages on the home. This number is dramatically higher than the approximate 11 million reported by other entities. Why the huge difference

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Still, Zillow says the "negative equity" rate will fall to at least 24.7 percent by the end of 2013. About half of Portland-area underwater mortgages are under water by 20 percent or less.

According to Zillow’s report, the rate of negative equity improved in all of the 35 largest housing markets in the first quarter of 2015, which Zillow says. still underwater, over half – about 4.

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