Hensarling: SCOTUS ruling against recess appointments should apply to CFPB

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House GOP Bars Testimony From CFPB Director Cordray. If the Supreme Court rules against the Obama administration in Noel Canning, then a good portion of the work that the CFPB has done could be.

Though a Supreme Court decision last week only included a decision invalidating President’s Obama’s recess appointments to the national labor relations Board, the chairman of the U.S.

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to act as Speaker pro tempore on this day. mission granted in Clause 2(h) of Rule II of.. the spring recess, some Republicans caught. Mr. HENSARLING. shall not apply. CFPB, the FHFA, the SEC, the CFTC, about, in the Supreme Court decisions.. Since his illegal appointment, Mr.

It should be no surprise that the CFPB and Republican congressman jeb hensarling, who chairs the House Financial Services Committee, have different perspectives on the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling last week that President Obama exceeded his Constitutional recess appointment authority when he filled three vacancies on the National Labor Relations Board in January 2012 .

FHFA: Principal reduction would cost Fannie, Freddie $100 billion Both GSEs owe the Treasury $151 billion in bailouts, and their regulator the Federal Housing Finance Agency said a wide-scale principal reduction program would cost Fannie and Freddie $100 billion. Of the .9 billion allocated for HAMP and other housing programs, the Treasury has spent only $2.3 billion.

The D.C. Circuit’s decision in Noel Canning involved review of a Board decision against employer Noel Canning. We expect the issue of the president’s recess appointment power to make its way to the.

President Obama made these recess appointments despite substantial doubts among Executive Branch lawyers, dating back to the Carter Administration, about whether the Recess Appointment Clause of the Constitution would apply during such a three-day Senate recess. The Supreme Court has definitively answered that question.

The consumer financial protection bureau (CFPB) is an agency of the United States government responsible for consumer protection in the financial sector.CFPB’s jurisdiction includes banks, credit unions, securities firms, payday lenders, mortgage-servicing operations, foreclosure relief services, debt collectors and other financial companies operating in the United States.

The significance of this decision. apply to Mr. Cordray’s appointment. In addition, Mr. Cordray’s appointment could be challenged on the ground that, in contrast to the NLRB, the CFPB is a new.

Clearly the leading news last week was the Supreme Court’s decision holding the Defense of Marriage act unconstitutional. additionally, the Senate moved forward.