Ginnie Mae’s MBS portfolio reaches $1.5 trillion

Now regional banks can sell mortgages on local homes and buy a portfolio of MBS based on pools of mortgages from across the country.. figure 1.5 top 25 Originators of Subprime and Alt-A Loans in 2006. commercial banks, and others. Ginnie Mae’s functions are limited to helping form pools of similar mortgages from pre-approved lenders and.

Ginnie Mae does not originate loans or issue MBS, which means we have no exposure to credit risk if a borrower defaults on their loan. Ginnie Mae facilitates a diverse range of products including single-family and multifamily properties, and currently has a $1.5 trillion portfolio of outstanding MBS.

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In 2007, Ginnie Mae’s $445 billion book of business was small relative to both entities, but today, its $1.5 trillion guarantee book is only slightly smaller than Freddie Mac’s $1.6 trillion. If these rates continue, Ginnie Mae will overtake freddie mac within a year as the second largest single-family securitization platform.

Collateralized debt obligation (CDO) | Finance & Capital Markets | Khan Academy by Wolf Richter, Wolf Street: Then there’s the sinkhole of $1.5 trillion in MBS and $617 billion in Treasuries that mature in over 10 years. In March, the Fed shed $34 billion in assets, according to the Fed’s balance sheet for the week ended April 3, released this afternoon.This reduced the assets on its balance sheet to $3,936 billion, the lowest since December 2013.

Fannie Mae bumped up its volume forecast for 2012. According to a new forecast, Fannie’s economists now believe that for all of 2012, originations will come in at $1.34 trillion. volume more than.

The corporation’s portfolio has grown from $1 trillion in 2010 to $1.5 trillion in 2014. It took 42 years, from the company’s founding in 1968 to 2010, for its portfolio to reach $1 trillion. Read.

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John Getchis, Ginnie Mae’s senior vice president of capital markets, told Bloomberg that the auditor’s concerns involve less than half of 1% of Ginnie Mae’s $1.5 trillion book of business and won’t affect investors who own securities backed by the company.

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So as if there isn’t enough going on in the political and regulatory environment, MBS investors are worried about what happens to MBS when the Fed stops re-investing maturing proceeds from its QE.