Detroit’s $1,000 houses may be a lousy deal

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Sure, you can buy a house in Detroit for $1,000. Hell, you can buy a house for $500. It will not come with plumbing, electrical wiring, a furnace, or a roof. For those luxuries you have to pay more like $30,000. And you will have to pay that in cash, because getting a loan to buy a house in Detroit is not easy.

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 · You are missing the point of the tax deduction. It is all about the effective interest rate you pay not the dollar amount you save. Paying off say $200k in house debt in today’s dollars is a bad idea. Your house payment goes down each year by inflation (2%). After 15 years a $1000 per month payment is equal to $700 per month.

The median list price of Detroit homes on Zillow is an incredible $13,000, down $2,000 since December. Today there are at least 15 homes that you an buy for only $100.

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At 23, Drew Philp bought a crumbling Detroit house at an auction.. They've been great neighbors, and I would hate to lose them.. Nearly anyone I told I was moving to the city thought it was a terrible. I sold my car and bought a truck for $1,000, a rusted F-150 built when I was still in elementary school.

Listen to weekly interviews that will help get your financial house in order.. I live and invest in the Detroit market. If $1000 is going to make or break you opportunity to invest here its not for you. I could see if its 5-10k below but 1000$ shouldn’t but you in worry mode.. Dan Gilbert may have been the catalyst behind Detroit’s.

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